Agriculture, Food and Nutrition

“Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.”

~ Dr. Albert, Szent - Gyorgyi

Innovation in Agriculture

The agriculture sector plays a significant role in the sustainable growth and development of a country. It is responsible for providing food and nutritional security, poverty reduction, and environmental sustainability. While we are aware that innovation, technology, knowledge and with their related institutional adjustments are instrumental to achieve sustainable goals but we do not know how to inter link among them to make it viable & profitable!

The Agri Innovation Cell at Bangalore Bioinnovation Centre aims to bring together the people, experience and issues involve in designing, developing and growing new ideas and innovations that meet pressing unmet needs in agriculture and further nurture, support, accelerate and scale up innovations to achieve sustainable goals.


  • To nurture innovation and promote entrepreneurship in the areas of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition
  • To provide infrastructural, mentorship, branding, technical, funding, IPR, and networking support to agriculture and food tech start ups
  • To achieve effective commercialisation and partnership approaches between universities, research organisations, and the agribusiness and agri-food industry that support the use of innovation for inclusive and sustainable growth


Infrastructural Support

  • Bio Suites

Instrumental support

  • Analytical facility
  • Microbiological laboratory
  • Proteomics and small molecules analysis laboratory
  • Molecular Biology laboratory
  • Plant Tissue Culture facility
  • Microscopic facility
  • Fermentation facility


Linkages/ Supporting Organisation

Capacity Building & Leadership

  • Training / Workshops / Stakeholders Meet
  • Mentoring
  • Organisational support to IPR, Technology Transfer

Policy & Advocacy

  • Company formation
  • Government approval
  • Funding options and opportunities

Business Support

  • Product promotion
  • Branding